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1. 获取你的FSA ID.

您的FSA ID将作为您在FAFSA上的签名. 你可以 申请FSA ID at least 3 days before you file your FAFSA or upon completion of the FAFSA.

2. 提交FAFSA.

Free Application for Federal 学生 Aid can be completed online. 你需要你的纳税申报表和W-2表格. 依赖 students will also need their parents’ financial information. 你被告知FAFSA的验证了吗? 了解有关此验证过程的更多信息.

3. 申请TAP.

Your NYS TAP Application can be completed immediately following the FAFSA. 学生s are encouraged to select that link to apply for TAP, or through the 高等教育服务公司(HESC)网站.



的 Department of Education will pay your Federal aid through GCC. 联邦财政援助在学生开始参加课程的普查点之后发放. 晚开课的学生将根据该学期的人口普查点发放助学金.

Aid is first applied to tuition, fees and other in school charges. If money remains, the 业务办公室 will refund you any excess aid.

需要更多十大靠谱赌博平台联邦财政援助的信息? 参观 联邦学生援助网站 或拨打联邦热线 1-800-433-3243.

What should I do if my family has special financial circumstances?

Please contact the 金融援助 Office to request an Appeal Form. 一旦完成, 财政援助办公室将仔细审查您的请求,并确定是否可以对您的奖励进行调整.

May I use my financial aid to purchase books at the 书店 or meals at the cafeteria?

是的, you may use your 金融援助 to purchase books or a meal plan. You will need to authorize your aid for use in the 书店 and cafeteria. 要做到这一点, 登录到您的myGCC帐户, 选择“学生信息”选项卡, 点击“助学金信息”菜单,,然后点击“我的奖励信息”,,点击“授权书店使用资金”.通读所提供的信息, 选择术语并单击“提交”,,然后选中这两个框,然后点击“提交”.”


All students are encouraged to pursue local and national awards for which they may qualify. 的 Genesee Community 基金会 has over 50 available 奖学金. 学生s may also research potential 奖学金 for free on the internet at Fastweb.com.


No. 很多因素,比如出勤费用, 家庭规模, 在确定资格时,会考虑在大学注册的家庭成员数量和资产.


是的! 有必要通过填写FAFSA每年重新申请援助,因为您的资格可能会改变. We encourage students to complete the FAFSA soon after October 1st. 你可以 在线提交FAFSA.

What happens to my aid if I have to withdraw from school?

联邦法规要求根据学生上课的天数将资金退还给联邦政府. 在许多情况下,学生可能会欠学院和/或联邦政府的余额.


If you have a refund of excess aid, you will receive an email to your GCC email account. Please remember that your financial aid will first go to pay any tuition, 您账户上的费用和机构收费. You must be in attendance of your classes to earn your aid. 海湾合作委员会在人口普查点后发放财政援助. 晚开学学生的助学金将按照相应学期部分的人口普查点发放.

联邦财政援助(包括贷款)和纽约州财政援助计划将在学院确认您已经开始参加与援助/贷款相关的课程时发放. 例如, if you are in “late start” classes (Last 12-week classes or Last 7-week classes), your aid will not disburse until such time as your courses have begun. 的 very earliest that a student can be issued a refund check is Week 6.

回顾我们的 日期 & 截止日期的页面 具体退款日期.

All student refunds will be mailed to the address on file, 除非您选择通过直接存款或可充值借记卡接收(学生必须提供可充值借记卡)。. 请按照以下步骤进行选择.

登录 myGCC > Select 我的账户 > Select 我的横幅自助服务 > Select 管理我的学生账户 > Select 管理我的退款 > Choose your refund method and enter required information

还记得, in order to keep all your federal financial aid that is being refunded to you, 你的出勤率必须超过本学期的60%. 未完成至少60%课程的学生将在学期结束时将部分援助返还给相应的援助计划.

If you have specific questions about the disbursement of financial aid, 请直接与财务援助办公室联系.


年度贷款 限制*如下:

一年 依赖 独立的
大一(0-23学分) $5,500 $9,500
大二(24+学分) $6,500 $10,500

*的 amount you receive in a loan will vary based on your financial eligibility. 金额可能会有变动.


需要虚拟经济援助? 安排一个电话或Zoom预约与我们的团队十大靠谱赌博平台一般的财务援助问题或他们的专业领域. 你也可以浏览我们的 YouTube上的经济援助教程.

约瑟夫·贝利, Assistant Dean for Enrollment Services/Director of 金融援助, can help you with Appeals (dependency status and satisfactory academic progress), 精益求精的奖学金, 联邦佩尔, 联邦SEOG, 联邦工作研究和验证.

丽莎Papke, 经济援助顾问/贷款证明主任, 我能帮你偿还学生贷款吗, 家长(PLUS)贷款, 退伍军人福利.

凯蒂·布朗, 经济援助顾问/TAP认证官, 可以帮你做TAP认证和验证吗.

亚历山大Misiti, 经济援助顾问, 可以帮助你解决一般的经济援助问题吗, Appeals (Dependency status and Satisfactory Academic Progress), 奖学金, 大学村(住房)助学金, 和验证.


一个普遍的误解是,学生必须是全日制学生才能获得经济援助. 学生可能有资格根据以下学分要求获得经济援助.


  • 联邦佩尔助学金:1-12(或更多)学分
  • 联邦SEOG: 1-12(或更多)学分
  • 纽约州TAP: 12个或更多学分
  • 纽约 State Aid for Part Time Study: 1 -11 credits
  • Federal Direct 贷款 (学生 and Parent): 6 or more credits


学生不能为不计入其学位或证书课程要求的课程提供经济援助. If a student is enrolled in courses that do not count toward his or her degree, those courses cannot be used to determine enrollment status and aid eligibility. All registered courses must apply to the student’s program as a general education requirement, a major requirement or elective (whether restricted or free elective) or remedial.



联邦政府和州政府规定,所有接受经济援助的学生必须学习与其专业相关的课程. 学校将有责任确保学生学习正确的课程,如果他们不遵守这一规定,学校可能会失去向学生提供经济援助的能力.



How will I know if I’m not taking the right courses to satisfy the financial aid requirements? 我将如何得到通知?



重修之前在GCC或其他机构学习过的课程并获得及格分数的学生可能会影响联邦和州的援助计划(以保持全日制经济援助状态), a student’s coursework must be at least 12 credits without the repeated class). 如果学生没有达到该课程毕业的最低成绩要求,则可以例外地获得国家援助.

  • 联邦援助,包括学生贷款,将支付学生只重复一次已通过的课程.
  • State aid (TAP) will only pay for a repeated course once, 但只有在学生的特定学位课程要求有更高的毕业成绩时.

If a student’s program does not require them to earn a higher grade for graduation, but the student is being advised to repeat coursework for academic reasons, it may be advisable for the student to be enrolled in at least 12 credits of  coursework — in addition any repeated courses — in order to maintain full time status.

I recently did a Program change and certain courses were excluded from my GPA. Will these courses still affect my financial aid eligibility?

他们可能. Only courses that are required in your Program are eligible for financial aid. 如果您在任何被排除的课程中获得D或更高的成绩,这些课程将被视为已完成的要求,并且如果您的新项目中有空间,将再次使用(在确定经济援助时).


的se are courses that prepare you to complete a required course successfully. 他们可能 or may not be required as part of your program.

I am presently taking non-credit/ remedial courses that are not part of my Major. 我能获得这些课程的经济资助吗?

是的, 联邦和州政府认为这些预备课程是成功完成大学水平课程的基础. 然而, you must be registered for at least 6 credit- bearing/non-remedial courses.


No. 非全日制学生必须遵守同样的指导方针.

What do I do if I find out my courses are not going to be paid for by financial aid?

你需要重新调整你的课程,并选择那些可以算作经济援助的课程. 否则,您将负责支付所有不符合项目要求的课程的费用.


No. You may not drop classes for financial aid eligibility reasons once school has begun; you will be charged the regular fee if you drop classes according to the college catalog guidelines.

我没有接受任何联邦或州政府的援助. 这也适用于我吗?

的se regulations only affect students receiving federal (including loans) and state aid. If you pay for courses on your own, you are free to take whatever courses you choose. 然而, 选修专业以外的课程会延长你在杰内西的学习时间,还会花费你额外的资金. 我们鼓励您定期进行学位审核,以确保您正在完成学位的路上.